How to Get a Free or Nearly Free Divorce in Kentucky?

calculating the lowest cost of divorce in Kentucky

Getting a divorce in Kentucky is often a costly and difficult process for all parties involved. You can avoid unnecessary expenses or get a completely free divorce if your case is uncontested and you are filing on your own. This article provides detailed information on how to make the divorce process cheap and easy.

When Can You Proceed Without a Lawyer?

stopping a divorce with a lawyer
Getting a divorce with a lawyer involved typically costs more due to legal fees and associated expenses.

To get a divorce in Kentucky, turning to legal assistance of lawyers is not necessarily required. You can file your own divorce without legal representation if you have reached an agreement with your spouse regarding alimony, property division, custody of children, visitation schedule, etc., and prepared and signed a marital settlement agreement. It will allow you to represent yourself in court pro se, avoid paying for attorney services, and get a nearly free or free uncontested divorce.

How to Waive Court Fees?

To get a free divorce in Kentucky, you need to prepare an AOC-026 form, also known as Motion for Waiver of Costs and Fees, and submit it to the court. Typically, a petitioner must pay a mandatory court fee to file a divorce petition. It varies from county to county and can be around $200 on average. However, if your income is low or you are in a difficult financial situation, you can apply for a fee waiver.

If, after checking information on your financial status, the court finds that you are eligible for a waiver, the judge will allow you not to pay the fee.

In addition to filing fees, a petitioner must pay for serving a spouse. You can avoid these expenses if your case is uncontested and the respondent agrees to prepare and file a Waiver of Service.

steps for waiving the court fees in Kentucky
General steps for waiving the court filing fees for divorce in Kentucky.

What Are My Options for Free Divorce in Kentucky?

If you are filing for marriage dissolution in Kentucky, there are several cheap ways to get divorced. Let’s analyze each of them in detail.

Option 1. Do-It-Yourself Divorce in Kentucky

man preparing divorce documents by himself
Preparing divorce documents on your own can indeed be a complex and emotional journey.

Doing your own divorce in Kentucky is possible in uncontested cases where spouses have already agreed on marriage termination issues. Do-it-yourself divorce means you go through the entire process yourself, preparing documents on your own, getting acquainted with all legal procedures, representing yourself in court, etc. This way, you can reduce divorce expenses to mandatory court fees for filing a petition, making copies of documents, and serving a spouse.

Filing for divorce on your own is the cheapest way to end your marriage. While low cost is the main advantage of DIY divorce, it comes with some disadvantages:

  • There is a high risk of making mistakes while filling out divorce forms, leading to court rejection.
  • You may prepare the forms which are not needed or omit those required.
  • The complicated legal paperwork can take quite a time to fill out.

In order not to delay the process and prepare the necessary documents at once, consider using an online service that will provide divorce papers for your specific case.

Option 2. Online Divorce

woman getting a divorce online
Preparing divorce documents online can be a more efficient way to streamline the documentation process and reduce administrative hassles.

If you would like to get a simple divorce online and your case is uncontested, turning to online services is a smart option. Using this tool for cheap divorce in KY, you will receive:

  • high-quality divorce documents at a set moderate price;
  • quick preparation of the necessary forms;
  • state-approved paperwork required for your case;
  • the ability to prepare divorce papers from any place and device.

To use this option, you will need to fill out the online questionnaire with the details of your divorce case, wait until the forms are ready, check the filing instructions provided, and submit the received documents to the court.

do you qualify for divorce in Kentucky

Option 3. Free Legal Aid Services

Free legal aid services are another way to get a cheap divorce in Kentucky. These free programs, such as Kentucky Legal Aid, Legal Aid Society, etc., provide support to low-income citizens and other vulnerable populations. With their help, you can get general information about the actions required during the divorce process and a lawyer’s advice about your case. Though these services are a great option for those who would like to save money during a divorce, there is still no guarantee that you will be able to finalize the case successfully.

The Bottom Line

In Kentucky, it is advisable to agree with your spouse on all disputed issues, such as property division, custody of children, and alimony, to make your case uncontested and get a cheap divorce. To reduce divorce expenses, you can avoid hiring a lawyer by dealing with marriage dissolution completely on your own or by contacting an online divorce service that will provide you with the papers necessary for filing in court. However, if you disagree with your spouse, it is better to address layers to ensure your interests are met in court.