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Get case-specific documents for your divorce. Fill out an online questionnaire, download the ready forms, and submit papers to the local court or apply for a divorce online if this option is available in your county.

Complete Kentucky Divorce Papers Online

Kentucky Online Divorce is a service where you can get all the needed papers for your marriage dissolution process. This option is suitable for couples who are in complete agreement regarding their divorce and start an uncontested marriage termination. This way, it is possible to reduce overall expenses and get divorced quickly and without extra stress. Moreover, spouses can avoid emotional discomfort, which is common in contested cases involving legal battles.

By ordering forms from our online divorce service, you can be sure they will be prepared according to the state requirements. With our help, you will receive ready-to-file Kentucky divorce documents within several business days and detailed filing instructions to start your divorce process efficiently.

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What Kentucky Divorce Forms Do I Need to Prepare?

The specifics of the divorce case are the main factor that impacts the amount of divorce paperwork to prepare. The basic minimum of divorce forms typically required by the court is the following:

Petition for Dissolution of Marriage
Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage
Marital Settlement Agreement
Case Data Information Sheet
Financial Disclosure Forms

However, please note that the list is not final. Besides, spouses with minor kids should prepare documents on child-related issues, such as custody, visitation, and child support. No matter if your case is with or without children involved, we will prepare the necessary forms for your uncontested divorce.

How It Works?


Fill out a Short Questionnaire

Provide basic information about your case to learn whether you qualify for an uncontested divorce.


Answer More Questions about your Marriage Termination

Fill out different sections of our online questionnaire by providing information on assets and property, liabilities and debts, income and expenses, health insurance, child support, etc. It should not take you too long; besides, there are hint boxes to give you an idea of how to answer questions properly. Choose the deadline when your papers must be ready.


Download Forms and Sign Them

Our system will automatically generate the required forms using the information you give us. You can download a finished divorce packet online from your account. After that, you can check the filing instructions provided and head to the court to start a divorce process.

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Quick & Easy Solution for Filing a Divorce

If you want to get a divorce online, and it is allowed by a local court, we will gladly prepare the documents you will require to file. Our system will generate the needed papers without any delays.

We will also give you instructions on how to file with the court in person; if you consider filing for divorce online, check in advance if you can do so. By choosing our company, you receive:

Compare Your Options for Divorce in Kentucky

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Do-It-Yourself Divorce

Many couples choose a DIY divorce option due to potentially lower overall expenses and autonomy. However, there are hidden risks that you should consider.

  • Possible errors in the paperwork or omission of important details
  • Longer process because you have to do everything yourself
  • Post-divorce disputes if any party thinks that the court decision is unfair
  • High anxiety because you have to manage legal processes without professional assistance
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Online Divorce in Kentucky

Our service is a convenient option for spouses who would like to simplify the document preparation process which is the first stage of an online divorce. By delegating paperwork to us, you will get:

  • Reduced expenses if compared to lawyer’s fees for completing paperwork
  • Case-specific forms filled out according to legal standards
  • Possibility of choosing a suitable deadline for document preparation
  • Step-by-step filing instructions
  • User-friendly platform accessible from desktop and portable devices
Going through Kentucky divorce with a divorce lawyer

Divorce with a Lawyer

People often delegate legal divorce matters to lawyers. However, there are several points to pay attention to before hiring an attorney.

  • Legal help is often expensive, and overall divorce costs can exceed $10,000.
  • There is a possibility of new conflicts arising during legal battles.
  • Involving lawyers means you may have less control over case outcomes.
  • You must adjust to an attorney’s schedule so the divorce process may last long.

Why Choose Kentucky Divorce Online?


Our website is user-friendly and intuitive. Besides, our questionnaire is divided into several logical sections, and there are hint boxes that will help you to answer the questions.

Time Efficiency

With our divorce help online with paperwork preparation, you can speed up the filing process. You can get the necessary documents in just a few days for your quick divorce in Kentucky.

Reasonable Pricing

No matter how many Kentucky legal forms are required for your uncontested case, you will have to pay a fixed fee, which is much lower than what attorneys charge for the same work.

Privacy and Comfort

Couples concerned about privacy when it comes to legal paperwork can complete our questionnaire from the comfort of their homes and without involving any third parties.

Legal Compliance

We ensure that the forms we prepare are in line with the specific legal requirements of the state. If online filing is an option in your county, you can use the documents we provide to start your instant divorce online.

Possibility of Revisions

If you missed something when completing a questionnaire, you can return to it later and change your answers. Besides, if you need corrections in finished papers, your subscription is active, and the adjustments required do not contradict our revision policies, you can get your documents revised.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Emily N.
"I'm not the most tech-savvy person, but I managed to fill out the questionnaire without any trouble. The papers were ready within the deadline. They were done accurately, so I’m very pleased with my experience. "
Emily N.
Daniel K.
“Simple and efficient! I completed the divorce paperwork online within a few hours and received filled-out papers the next day. Really reliable service. Highly recommended!”
Daniel K.
Zoe F.
“This is an affordable and effective assistance! I got all the needed documents and submitted them without any problems to the court. Grateful for the help.”
Zoe F.
zoe customer review
“So, I was checking out a bunch of sites, you know, doing the whole comparison thing. Price points were all in the same ballpark, nothing too crazy. But then there's – something about it just felt reliable, you feel me? Took a shot, fingers crossed and all that, and hot damn, it actually worked out better than I thought!”
Rita E.

Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, it is not forbidden to use online divorce services in Kentucky. It is also safe if you choose a reliable and secure service.

Prepare the necessary documents on your own or order them from online services. Go to an e-filing website if such is available in your county. It is better to clarify it in advance since online filing is not always an option. If you cannot file online, print, sign, and submit your divorce papers to the county clerk’s office in person.

Divorce process usually takes 2-3 months from the moment you file documents to the day you receive a divorce decree. It can take longer due to the complexities of the case or the court’s caseload.

If your case is uncontested and you do not hire a lawyer, the overall expenses may be $350-$500 on average, depending on whether you fill out forms on your own or order them online.